Is keyless Entry Right for Your Home?

Keyless entry systems aren’t necessarily new but over the last few years, with design and technological advancements, they have become increasingly popular. They do offer some conveniences, but they may not be for everyone. Here, we will take a look at the pros and cons of keyless entry systems for your home.


  • Peace of Mind – No more being locked out if you break or lose a key.
  • Security – you can assign multiple people codes, so if you have a workman in your home, you can assign him a code and when the job is done, delete the code so there are no worries about unauthorized re-entry or duplicate keys being made.
  • Added Security – You no longer have to hide extra keys or give out extra keys to someone looking after your things while you are away. Just assign them a code.
  • No Re-keying – Since there are no keys, you never have to have the lock re-keyed.
    Information – Since you can assign different codes to multiple people, you can track who is coming and going, and when.
  • Early warning system – Most keyless entry systems run on batteries. Days or even weeks before the batteries wear out, the system will give you a heads up to this situation so you can change the batteries before they completely die.


  • Cost – Keyless entry systems usually cost more than traditional keyed lock systems.
  • Installation – It generally costs more to install a keyless system. It is always best to have a professional locksmith install a keyless system.
  • Hacking – There is technology involved in keyless systems which can make them vulnerable to hacking.
  • Malfunctions - As with any electronic device, there is always the possibility of a part or parts failing to operate properly. If this does happen, you may need a professional to fix the problem.
  • Memory – If you or someone else that would be using the system has memory or cognitive issues, you may want to stick to a keyed lock system. Remembering the lock code is crucial to operating the system and a poor memory may cause issues.

The correct locking system is a very important part of your home or business security. Make sure you pick the system that is right for you. If you have questions, consult your locksmith for answers. We will help you choose the right system for you.