You Can Use a Locksmith for Automobile Issues

If you happen to lock yourself out of your home, it’s very normal to call a locksmith to help you. However, did you know that most locksmiths offer vehicle services as well? They can help in a number of ways with automobile issues.

Are you locked out of your car?

Locksmiths are especially trained to get you back in your vehicle without damaging it. Even if you have a newer car with remote entry, they can still get you back on the road.

Did you break a key off in your car door lock?

Locksmiths have special tools or kits for key extraction to help you out of this situation without damaging the existing lock. This also holds true for trunk locks and ignitions that still use keys.

Have you lost your car keys and need a duplicate?

A locksmith can duplicate a vehicle key without the original, however, you will need to provide some crucial information. You are going to need:

  • The make of the vehicle – Ford, Chevy, Jeep, etc.
  • The model of the vehicle – Bronco, Tahoe, Wrangler, etc.
  • The year it was made.
  • The VIN numbers.
  • The vehicle registration and…
  • The title (if you have it).

You need to prove to the locksmith that the vehicle is yours before he makes a key. The good thing is, usually a locksmith will make a replacement key for less than the dealer would charge.

Is your trunk or door lock broken? You can call a locksmith. Just like locks on your house doors can be fixed, so can car door and truck locks. Reputable locksmiths receive this training.

Do you need a new chip transponder key?

You can get in touch with the dealer, or you can call a locksmith. A locksmith will more than likely be quicker and less costly. Most dealers sub this task out to locksmiths anyway, and then add on their fees to make a profit.

Note: if you need a new transponder key, that may not be something the locksmith can do outside of his shop. You may have to go to them.

Are you the lucky owner of an antique Corvette or other collector car and need a new VAT (vehicle anti-theft) key?

Your best bet is to call a locksmith. VAT keys belong to older model vehicles, and they usually malfunction due to wear and tear. The procedure is just like making a duplicate key. You need to give them all the information and prove that you own the automobile.

Not all locksmiths will offer all services, so be sure to check with your local provider about the services they do offer. A reputable locksmith can be a great asset when you have security, lock, or key issues. Do you have a locksmith in your contacts? The time to try and find one is not when you need one.