Where to Hide Your Spare Key

Being locked out of your home is no fun, especially if it’s late at night or the weather just isn’t cooperating. Your first thought should be to call a 24/7 locksmith who can quickly get you back into your home, safe and sound. Resist the urge to throw something through a window; you’ll have a lot more on your plate than just cleaning up broken glass.

This scenario could be avoided all together with a handy spare key. It will save you from the aggravation, time and money associated with locking yourself out of your home. Of course, some places for hiding/retrieving your spare key are better than others. Under the doormat or inside those fake, hollowed out rocks near the front door don’t work anymore.

Too many bad guys figured those out a long time ago. Here are some safer places you may consider for that wonderful pull-you-out-of-a-predicament extra key.

In the Garage
Let’s face it, most garages are not the tidiest places. There is always some amount of clutter. Find a place among the mishmash for your key. It’s best to have it on some kind of key ring for easy access.

Inside a Cushion
Some people unzip a patio cushion and slide a key in for emergencies. Just be sure to remove it when it’s time to throw out those weathered cushions.

With a Trusting Neighbor
If you have a trusting neighbor, they should already have a spare key in case of emergencies. It’s also a handy place for that extra key, unless they’re never at home. Then you’re out of luck.

With a Trusting Relative
They may not be right next door, but in a pinch, you can always count on a close relative to get you out of a bind.

In the Stones
If you have an outdoor firepit or a stone wall in the yard, there is usually a crevice in which you can slide a key. You may want to take a picture with your phone for ease of remembering exactly where that loose stone is hiding your key.